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Brief Description of the World Muscle Cars

American Muscle Cars
Muscle car is a term for the American car that has a lot of power, modest weight loss, and high speed and acceleration skyrocketed. This car is stout favored by street racers because the performance is very impressive. Muscle cars were first created around 1964, namely Potiac medium. The car is equipped with a 389-cubic-inch engine V-8 model works. This car can reach speeds from 0-60 mph in just 7.0 seconds.

Shelby Racing Muscle Car

Some manufacturers American Automotive has produced some powerful and fast cars before World War II. In Europe also has many cars are manufactured to high speed and strength through a variety of terrain road. Most of the cars were sold at a price that is relatively expensive. Such a lot of car generated when a government dominated by Detroit, and the young king, which is about the 1960's.

1963 Olds Potiac GTO Convertible

1970, experienced many radical changes so that the muscle cars is almost gone. But over time, muscle cars appeared again in the 1980s. Muscle cars which appeared starting in the 80's have better performance, due to rapid advances in the automotive field. Year 1964-1970 is considered as the "golden age" for the automotive in America. The car is designed not only to the strength and speed, but also considered the safety of its users.
Red Potiac GTO - Front Left View

Here is a brief history of "muscle cars" of the world, especially his first appearance in America:

- The Birth of Muscle Cars
Early history of the emergence of the muscle cars are from horsepower race cars Detroit in which there are faster 1949 Oldsmobile Rocket 88. The car is made with a "hot rod engine factory" in 1950. Then Chrysler launched Helmi followed by the Chevrolet engine producing small-block V8 car. Some of these cars is the history of the world muscle car profile.

Muscle Car Wallpaper

- First Muscle Car
The emergence of the first muscle cars began in the 1960s when the auto makers compete to master the racetrack, and the competition to win the automotive market in Zama's. Muscle car race culture originated from the beach known as "Beach Boy" celebrate "real fine" Chevy 409, and the phenomenon continues to run over time.

- Muscle Car World Golden Age: 1964 - 1965

Here is a brief description of the muscle car golden era of the world in 1964-1965. At that time the American economy is quite good, cheap gas prices and a lot of auto racing fans spend a lot of time to have fun racing on the streets. Car of the most widely used among Potiac GTO, Ford Mustang 4-4-2, Barracuda and Chevrolet Chevelle Super Sport. It was Potiac car more often seen in the automotive showroom than its competitors.

NASCAR 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona 71

For more information about the description of "the golden age of muscle cars of the world" can be viewed at: / or muscle-car-information / how-muscle-cars-work.htm

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