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Top 10 Muscle Cars that become Legendary Cars in the World

A term "Muscle Cars" is the term to refer to a popular car in the age of 60 and 70 years. Muscle car has been very popular since 40 years ago are still a lot of fans. Among the hundreds of muscle cars ever, there are some cars that became the icon and a very famous and a favorite. From the information we have, we wrote ten legendary muscle cars in the last 40 years, namely:

Muscle cars generally have two doors, the position of the engine in front and behind the wheel. The midsize cars with large engines that power large enough to speed up your body, even if the purchase is relatively low, because only certain circles of fans, among them are the street racers.

1-1969 Dodge Charger R / T

1969 Dodge Charger R / T

Dodge Charger known as the father of his muscle car ever, since its inception earlier. This car became a legend among lovers of muscle cars. Many of the classic muscle car collector who dreamed of being able to have this car. Some of the stories of the film helps to increase the popularity of this car, as The Dukes of Hazard, with the main star is Lee, the car Bulitt villain. Machine warranty 5-year average.

2-1970 Plymouth Barracuda

1970 Plymouth Barracuda

In the first appearance of the car Cuda earlier than the Mustang, but the Mustang is better known than the Cuda, although many have not yet learned that using a machine-powered Mustang Barracuda was redesigned in 1970. Then engine Hemi 'Cuda was born. Hemi into a monster (7.0li) 427ci 425bhp.

3-1968 Ford Mustang Fastback GT390

1968 Ford Mustang GT390 Fastback

Mustang muscle car is the most in demand among the public sale. Why not penjualana sehigga mentioned as the very best muscle car. However, there are special models made and became very famous in Bulitt. The GT390 is not 7.0li 427ci V8 390bhp, the biggest machine, but 30bhp more! and is a legendary car.

4-1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS

1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS

Chevrolet Camaro is often known as the Chevy Camaro. The car made by GM one year after releasing the fastest selling Mustang. The best initial model car is a Chevy Z28. The car is made of small 4.9li 300ci V8 400bhp prepared for the race. This car was designed to run on the road at high speed. Chevy Camaro SS gets 7.0li 427ci 425bhp engine, which is easier to get, and still impressive.

5-1967 Pontiac GTO

1967 Pontiac GTO

Potiac Car Muscle Car GTO is considered as the first car. The car was launched in 1964 with a size a little big, take a 389ci (6.3li) and replaced the 326ci (5.3li). Interestingly someone dibalakang Potiac GTO was John Delorean is then shaped and designed DMC12 Delorean Back To The Future fame.

6-1969 Plymouth Roadrunner

1969 Plymouth Roadrunner

As the Roadrunner name, this car is perfect to run fast on the road. Because a run. Menesankan, Plymouth Roadrunner and then used in a film from Warner Bros. The film also shows that the car can run fast. 14 miles from the second quarter of $ 4,000 is a very cheap price! There is also 385ci 335bhp (6.3li) or higher 425bhb 427ci (7.0li) V8 option, both are fast motor car and popular.

7-1971 Dodge Challenger R / T

1971 Dodge Challenger R T

Dodge Challenger R / T was introduced after the success of the Dodge Charger. The car is a little larger than the Challenger R / T (Road and Track) and 427ci (7.0li) Hemi with 425bhp or a 440ci (7.4li) producing 390bhp. Then produced in the year 2008 yesterday as a modern generation of SRT Challenger muscle car.

8-1966 Chevrolet Chevelle SS

1966 Chevrolet Chevelle SS

Chevy Chevelle SS is a sister company responses Potiac GTO, normal SS only had 300bhp, so the SS model, and then raised a more respectable 375bhp 6.5li 402ci V8 engine model. There are some unfortunate things of the car, the rounded corners, with extra weight on the front with a large machinery. However, after several years of suspension and brake adjustments were made to cover this weakness. Then in 1970, the main exit SS, 427ci version (7.0li) of 450bhp and 500lb/ft.

9-1969 Oldsmobile 442

1969 Oldsmobile 442

"Oldsmobile" was the name of a second company to offer a large engine in mid-platform. Its products include the 442, is a 330ci 310bhp (5.4li) V8 engine, which is a police spec. The 442 comes from the name of 4-4-2, referring to the dual exhaust system and carb, 4 barrel 4 speed gearboxes. This is also known for it's a good handling machine, which rarely diguanakan of muscle cars.

10-1966 Buick Skylark GS

1966 Buick Skylark GS

The car is a kind of sports car back in 1965 when Buick decided to play (6.5li) 402ci V8 in front, is very appropriate because it was preceded by the success of the Buick and was taken to the early 70's with GSX. 454ci engine (7.5li) developed over 400bhp and torque 500lb.ft!

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