Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What is F.A.S.T.? Here were celebrating eleven years of F.A.S.T. race.

1971 Ford Mustang 429 SCJ as F.A.S.T. ET and MPH Record Holder
Among some there is a recently renovated car stock car racing. People call F.A.S.T. car showroom. The car comes with a slimmer body, more interior pamper drivers and more powerful machines, and all external components and manifolds. Although using the model 1960 car wheels, the car is a lot of fans. As the name implies, the car, including the type of car the fastest.

Another 1.6 sixty foot for this fearsome FORD! Blast off!

As one of the fastest cars, F.A.S.T. covers a 13 by 4 miles, 12 and 11 may even reach a top speed in 10 seconds. Posts catcher over 130 MPH!. Fast cars can be modified according to the tastes of its users.

James Cook 1969 440-6 Roadrunner 4 Speed 10.81 ET

But to get your group on the drag strip, and check! You will see F.A.S.T. 4.1 car covers one thousand in 13, 12 11 and some even within 10 seconds, recording the fastest car with a speed restriction over 130 MPH! You see, F.A.S.T. cars may look and sound stock, but the internal engine modifications are not restricted.

Lane Carey's 1971 Ford Mustang mach 1 429

As another type of rear wheel race car, the car QUICK able to burn the tires up a lot of smoke until the squeal of rubber. Drugs is one of the characteristics of the race when the pressure suddenly, the head of the accelerator until the car can be lifted up. It seems that the type of car like this really true racing car.

Lanes Mustang likes it belongs to the show field, Looks can be deceiving

Competition between the cars racing muscle car became clearer when many cars are then modified by a qualified technician to improve the performance of speed and rider extreme fishing adrenalin. A unique race format, and then emerged as a form of creativity lovers of racing cars. Competition for the other and show the performance of speed on a racetrack. 

Gene wilsey's 1970 Plymouth AAR CUDA 340

There are eight types of muscle cars the fastest qualifier for the heads up, pro-style ladder to determine the top eliminator. All pilots who qualify and go down to the best of three shootout qualifier against the closest competitor. She makes the action that is too tight!

Gene wilsey's F.A.S.T. Musclecar Drag Races

F.A.S.T. Citizens as a show car on the race track is fun. Pilots and spectators mingle and tell each piece of information, other parts, and enjoy a classic American muscle cars and show them how to handle a racing car to be enjoyed.

Gene wilsey's Launching hard at Englishtown

Are phrases like drag racing, muscle car brand good old competition between Ford, GM and Mopar strike a chord within you? Hemi's term, Tri-Power, LS6, CUP, Phase One, Ram-Air, SixPak, Cobra Jet, and dirt sections Pack your vocabulary? You have a 100 octane leaded gasoline in their veins? Answer "YES" to any of these and you need to check the FAST program.

Gene wilsey's One of the fastest small block cars in F.A.S.T.

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