Sunday, July 31, 2011

Super Bee, the First Generation of Dodge Charger LX

2007 Dodge Charger Super Bee Yellow - Left View

At New York International Auto Show 2006, a new version of the Charger Super Bee premiered  for the 2007 model year. He divided the SRT-8 is 425 hp (317 kW) 6.1 L (370 cu in) Hemi engine, but was available in a painting "Detonator Yellow" especially with black decals. It is a limited edition with only 1,000 being produced. A total of 425 Hemi Orange Super Bees were built in 2009. A version of the B5 Blue Super Bee was shown at the North American International Auto Show in 2007 and went on sale in early 2008, also with a limited run of 1,000. 
2007 Dodge Charger Super Bee Yellow - Rear Left View

2007 Dodge Charger Super Bee Blue - Front Left View

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