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1968-1971 Dodge Super Bee

1968 Dodge Coronet Super Bee White - Rear Right View
Dodge Super Bee as a muscle car produced in limited editions from 1968 to 1971. The original Dodge Super Bee comes from Dodge Coronet. It is a cheap costing Dodge muscle cars which priced about $ 3,000 and this type including Plymouth Road Runner family.

1968 Dodge Superbee - Rear View
After successfully designing Dodge Runners, Dodge Division then designed the new identity Dodge namely - Bee. It was given its own logo with scat Bee customized package that gives a touch to the car. The first units of this car is based on a 1968 Coronet convertible.

Dodge Super Bee Red - Front Left View

1969 Dodge Super Bee - Rear View
Dodge Coronet Super Bee engine options of 440 (7.2 liter Hemi, 390 HP) V8s cubic, 426 Hemi (7-liter, 425 HP) and 383 Magnum (Big Block 6.3 liter, 335 HP). 4-speed manual transmission, high-performance tires and the car's weight suspension. Coronet comes just as two-door coupe pillar with first production in 1968. In 1969 a hardtop version of the family joined the Bee - is an optional twin-scooped hood version, which worked seriously and became very popular.

1970 Dodge Superbee Green Rear Left View

1969 Dodge Super Bee Engine Componenen

By several changes to the 1970 Super Bee, which Hurst shifter in 4 speed manual, a new front end, seat, twin-loop front bumper aka bumble bee wings, it is not popular with buyers and sales are not down. But ironically, this feature is very popular today.

1970 Dodge Superbee Yellow Rear Left View

1971 Super Bee was transferred to the plate on the charger and has a unique small block 340 engine 4 bbl [5.6-liter V8, 275 HP], for 1971 only available in the body Coronet station wagon or sedan. After nearly 40 years, the Super Bee was revived. This is done based on the limited edition "Detonator Yellow" STR8 have 425 HP 6.1-liter Hemi engine.

Dodge Super Bee

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