Monday, August 22, 2011

Top 10 American Muscle Cars - the Fastest Cars

1969 ZL1 Camaro - The Favourite Muscle Car in America

1. 1969 Camaro ZL1
One of the rare muscle car that has been widely sought after muscle car lovers and collectors are the Camaro ZL1. This car is a magnitude of about 500 horsepower, look cool under the hood aluminum V-8 engine. This car has become a star in the American muscle car. This car can run and reach about 0-60 in around 5.3 seconds. 1969 Camaro ZL1 is one of drag racing cars are the most favored in America. This car has found its market segment and has been widely sold, but over time, the option package was never offered again.

1969 427 COPO Chevelle - The number 2 Popular Muscle Car in America

2. COPO 1969 427 Chevelle
COPO 427 Chevelle muscle car is the only type of Chevelle are produced in very limited quantities of approximately 320 cars. To make this car, the dealer order designated by the Central Office Production Order. Muscle car is equipped with a 450 hp engine type L72 427-cid V-8. This type of machine adjusted to the demand for Chevrolet muscle car enthusiasts. Interestingly, Chevy did not want to be a measure of the average in time that is has more than 400 CID. COPO Chevelles Chevrolete distributed by several dealers.

1970 454 Chevelle SS - The Third Popular Muscle Car in America

3. 1970 454 Chevelle SS
1970 Chevelle Super Sport package comes to display type LS6 engine with a power of 454 horsepower. The standard version of the many buyers of this car every day has made this car one type of car that strengthen market shares. With a smooth interior and stripes in this car racing has been able to answer the dreams of car enthusiasts racing muscle cars.

1968 Corvette L88 - The Fourth Most Popular Muscle Car in America

4. 1968 Corvette L88
Car type Covette L88 can reach top speeds as far as 170 miles / hour. This car is a package of specialized production around 1968, after several other car launched by GM's Corvette. 1968 Corvette L88 car using a 550 hp engine designed specifically for racing. Because this car has the power only to race, then GM does not want to ride for the open road L88. Nonetheless, there are many standard features such as a car every day including air conditioning and radio.

1966 Shelby Cobra 427 S  C - The Fifth Most Popular Muscle Car in America

5. 1966 Shelby Cobra 427 S / C

Shelby Cobra car believed to have greater strength than the casing. Because of its strength is impressive, so this car became icons of American-style muscle cars - sports cars of Europe. 1966 427 Shelby Cobra S / C 480 there are only two versions of the twin-turbo super made - one for Bill Cosby and Shelby. Shelby Super Snake sold in 2007 amounted to U.S. $ 5.5 million last Cosby because he has sold a lot of power and the owner put it into the lake.

1969 Camaro Z282 - Best Sixth Popular Mucle Car in America

6. 1969 Camaro Z28
This car is highly recognized its power, and became one of the best muscle car for racing enthusiasts. Best Cars 1969 Camaro Z28 can reach the quarter mile in just 14.8 seconds despite only at speeds over 100 km / hour. Camaro Z28 is designed for love to a sense of style and processing capability and road racing excitement. Although the speed is not so hard, Camaro Z28 has a great appeal to the power steering, positraction and four-wheel disc brakes.

1970 Plymouth Hemi Cuda - The Seventh Best Muscle Car in America

7. 1970 Plymouth Hemi Cuda
1970 Plymouth Barracuda Hemi Cudas capable of producing 425 hp 426 Hemi engine. Muscle car is able to speed 00-60 km / h in just 5.6 seconds. Cars 1970 Hemi Cuda is known as burning rubber rear tires without much motion. Hemi Cuda was made for fans of the muscle. Hemi Cuda is made with only one engine size, 426 Cuda while the other four engine options "have a hemispherical head.

1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429 - The Best Eighth Muscle Car in America

8. 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429
Many people consider 1969 Ford Mustang "Boss 429" is an expensive muscle car in its class. At the time did not offer the Ford Mustang Shelby. Ford Mustang Boss 429 engine has the ratio reached 429, so then Ford's entry into NASCAR. At first the car was not built for it, but due to unknown smooth handling and long-distance running ability of the muscle car is finally a lot like the muscle car enthusiasts.

GSX 1970 Buick Stage 1 - The Best Nineth Muscle Car in America

9. 1970 Buick GSX Stage 1
Supercar engine performance has been recorded Buick GSX Stage 1 quarter-mile in 13, 38 seconds. The car is out in just two colors - white Saturn Yellow or Apollo. Testers say it comes closer to 400 for large valve head camshafted best cars and hot while Buick muscle, stage 1 performance package "GSX" boasted 360 hp. This is a car that pretty much becomes a choice muscle car enthusiasts.

1965 Pontiac GTO - The Top Tenth Muscle Car in America

10. 1965 Pontiac GTO
1965 GTO Potiac speed output is from 0-60 takes only 6.1 seconds. The car can survive for 10 years and is quite spectacular in the minds of his fans. The exit of the car Potiac 1965 GTO is the early emergence of the phenomenon of the drivers this weekend under the hood that makes this car a legend and enduring in the minds of the muscle car enthusiasts. 

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