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Viper Convertible of 1971 Plymouth Cuda by time machines

1971 Plymouth Viper ’Cuda Convertible Red - Front Left View

In 1964-1974 the Plymouth division of Chrysler manufactured a two-door car that was named the Barracuda. The car was already in its third generation and was offered three different V8 engine options to power up to 335 HP in 1971. The amount of energy was adequate, but modern times require more powerful and faster since that time

1971 Plymouth Viper ’Cuda Convertible Red - Front Right View
So what do you do with a dear old school design when the output needs a walker to get through the day? You take your time machine vision in Hudson, Florida, where they will turn your dream into a reality insane, how to transform the Barracuda in a 450 HP V10 powered maniac.

1971 Plymouth Viper ’Cuda Convertible Red - Door View

The product of work time machines' hard like a Plymouth Barracuda default, but under the hood is the engine of a Dodge Viper V10 is surrounded by a chassis of a 2001 Dodge Viper. Time machines took two very different vehicles and combined them into a cauldron of impress.

1971 Plymouth Viper ’Cuda Convertible Red - Front View
Preparing the Barracuda

To start building, time machines purchased two different vehicles: a 1971 Plymouth Barracuda and a 2001 Dodge Viper. The Barracuda was stripped and destroyed even the floors were removed. The only things left were the vehicle's front rockers, subframe, and the birthplace of the radiator.

1971 Plymouth Viper ’Cuda Convertible Red - Right View

After disassembling the Barracuda, time machines began to build it back using one hundred percent original
Cuda sheetmetal was then dressed in bright Viper Red paint. Attention to detail was brought in custom-made posters with the logo Viper where a forward tilting hood designed as a tribute Viper original configuration and the engine size designation would be unusual. The cover was actually the original hood Barracuda was changed to open, tilt electronically and then peppered with Viper Powered badges.

1971 Plymouth Viper ’Cuda Convertible Red - Rear Right View

Role of the Dodge Viper

1971 Plymouth Viper ’Cuda Convertible Red - Interior Driver Controller View
So now the idea was to modernize so that they had a new Barracuda. To do so, brought the tuner on the 2001 Dodge Viper chassis. They managed to align the A-pillars, a panel of manufacturing special steel, and use special brackets to mount the stock 'Cuda fender sheetmetal so, getting the car was not assembled an easy task.

Viper Logo at Body

This engine was mated to a manual transmission and a Tremec 6-speed fully independent suspension with an enhanced set of Aldan coilover shocks. Adding the chassis also gave the Barracuda Viper V10 engine that pumps out 450 HP. The smooth transition allows the Barracuda to walk as an OEM truth about the stock Viper SRT-6 lug wheels wrapped in Michelin tires Viper around size, 275/35/18 front and 335/30/18 rear.

1971 Plymouth Viper ’Cuda Convertible Red - Legs and Suspension View

Blending the Insides
Take another look and go back to the pictures and as you can see that the original five places Cuda was transformed into one of two places. We realized the substrate steel custom panel gauges original Viper that facilitated the reduction of seats because that was a delight to the eye. The dash is more than Viper Barracuda and simple features white-faced gauges, as well as the mileage of the original Viper drivetrain and leather-wrapped surfaces. The back seat was only the speakers of the new Pioneer AM / FM / CD stereo but had been redesigned.

1971 Plymouth Viper ’Cuda Convertible Red - Interior Seats View

The Plymouth Barracuda / Dodge Viper is being mixed by RK Motors sold a whopping $ 199,900. The price may be a bit steep, but
for any fan of cars all the hard work put into this vehicle would be well worth. To say that this car is one of a kind would be an understatement and the associated price would illustrate this. 

1971 Plymouth Viper ’Cuda Convertible Red - Engine Components View

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