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1968 Hurst or Oldsmobiles Origin - History Russ Dunmire and Lynn Welfringer

Russ Dunmire & Lynn Welfringer History of 1968 HURST Oldsmobile

Russ Dunmire & Lynn Welfringer History Pic 1

Russ Dunmire Oldsmobile is one of Mazda car variants that still exists today in Tacoma Washington. These types of cars including Russ Dunmire family. Russ's son named Matt is a general manager of the car. Since the end of Oldsmobil in the sixties and seventies, many people remember the name of Mazda and now has become a brand that is known to the public. Car business is sponsored and owned by the Oldsmobile driver in NHRA class.

Current 2005 Restoration of 1968 HURST Oldsmobile

Jim Ferron's Mission Pic 1 of 1968 HURST Oldsmobile

Jim Ferron's Mission Pic 2 of 1968 HURST Oldsmobile
Welfringer Lynn is a driver and car builder NHRA record for HPH campaign on the sixties and he has been at it for seventeen years. Lynn Welfringer also as the service manager for Russ Dunmire Oldsmobile. Lynn Hurst Olds became a winner of all 1968s race cars, his achievements have been recognized by fans Hurst Olds because she has gained about 67 of 73 events. In any event the race was almost always he is the winner. He has achieved an impressive achievement with a 92% winning percentage!. Fabulous every time!

1996 Restoration of 1968 HURST Oldsmobile

Within the years Lynn's name has become synonymous with Oldsmobiles. He always appeared in the race at the NHRA. The story of him can be seen on the website That is a lot talking about Olds Hurst Olds 1968s. Now Warren Johnson, a former NHRA Championship Pro / Stock together with his daughter Ginger became a motivator and a pilot in Comp Eliminator 97 Olds Cutlass. Over time Lynn has now become an owner and manager of the performance division of knowledge, innovation, parts and engines in Oldsmoblie Mondello, a world leader in High Performance Oldsmobile.

Russ Dunmire  & Lynn Welfringer History pic 2
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