Wednesday, August 24, 2011

First Muscle Car from America

1962 Ford Galaxie 406 - was a bit too heavy to beat its rivals on the track

Competition race car technology and sales of long standing, along with the muscle cars. Car sales in conjunction with the race also took place during the race, ie race later on Sunday sold on Monday. Together with the racing car industry, it becomes the automotive tradition that lasted approximately 100 years. It is the first initial moment there are muscle cars.

The emergence of the Association for Stock Car Auto Racing in 1947 can not be separated from the stock-car racing. Historic events that can not be separated from the emergence of "a good old friend" that originated from two types of motor sport that plays an important role in the history of the muscle car world.

First Muscle Car Origin - Ads promoting the new speed and power in 1955

Inspired by the turbo cars brought on by drinkers and their ability to avoid a police chase, NASCAR race tracks on the dirt road. Initially the race on the beach, and then visited by many and became a thriving business. Once it starts popping up another automotive club organization in the United States so that the stock car racing began to flourish.

1961 Chevrolet Impala SS 409 began fill the marketplace in 1960s

The emergence of drag-racing that originated from informal street racing (illegal races) associated with the shade tree mechanic and hot rodders, who was long and fast Ford AT model, an interesting street car. In 1951 drag racing has become a historic moment when the National Hot Rod Association was formed in Southern California.

1955 Chrysler C-300 was touted as America's Most Powerful Car
In early emergence of the first muscle car was preceded chief Wally Parks NHRA Hot Rod magazine which started a media campaign performance sport-tuned street car. In the '50s the car Motor Trend's first muscle car was followed by other fans and popping a few other magazines about muscle cars.

Public interests can not be dammed again to give birth to the first muscle car in 1949 Oldsmobile Rocket 88. Recognized by his fans that this car has a powerful new engine. Oldsmobile grew quickly meet the needs of his fans. This machine is a success in America as the first engine of high compression overhead-valve V-8, the results of General Motors before the war.

1968  Oldsmobile Toronado W-34

Although GM's Cadillac Division introduced the V-8 engine that is similar to '49, fleeter Olds 88s smallest capture public attention, especially when they begin to dominate stock car racing.

After his success in Detroit and then the rocket has a showroom soon compete with the 88s and horse racing. In 1955, almost all products of U.S. cars offer lightweight, efficient V-8. Two legends who became the first muscle car has not appeared at that time.

1968-70 Oldsmobile Toronado W-34

One is the Chrysler Hemi Corporation, first in 1951 and named for the environment or semi-hemispherical shape of the combustion chamber. No less significant is the 1955 Chevrolet small-block V-8, the project so successful that the basic concepts are still in production techniques.

But the horse race is not always about pure speed. Detroit soon learns the importance of hot cars to give their name and marketing direction combined with enthusiasm for tire smoke.

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