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United Kingdom Muscle Cars

1969-1970 Vauxhall Firenza - U.K. Muscle Car
1969-1970 Vauxhall Firenza - U.K. Muscle Car - Rear View
The muscle car has never won a significant market in the UK, but it certainly influenced British manufacturers, with models like the Vauxhall Firenza and Ford Capri which directly inspired by American cartoons. 

Classic Ford Capri - U.K. Muscle Car - Front Left View

The Ford Capri ( variant product of Ford) with a powerful V6 engine, introducing the principle of muscle power available to the British public. The Dagenham built 2944cc Ford Capri 3000GT, along with the Ford Capri 2600GT produced at the Ford plant in Cologne, were much muscle cars in spirit. 

1969-1970 Vauxhall Firenza - Muscle Car
Although the Ford Capri was, a pony car, in essence, GM responded with Opel Commodore Coupe, which was based on mid-size Opel Rekord. GTE in shape and equipped with a six-cylinder engine, was able to match the performance for the Fords. Then, Ford and Vauxhall continued the tradition of producing high performance variants which commonly known as Q-cars of its family cars, though these tend to have a subtle style - the effect is to create a performance car discreet.

Ford Capri Sport - U.K. Muscle Car - Front Left View
When mounting the engine Rover V8 sports car in his MGB GT a native British Leyland also produced 'muscle  car in miniature'. With a 3.5-liter V8, manual transmission with overdrive and rear wheel drive through a live axle leaf sprung the MGB GT V8 had many characteristics of a muscle car, performance in top speed of 125 MPH as a reasonable cost. Despite being warmly received by the motoring press MGB V8 engine sold only 2,591 examples in its production cycle of three years between 1973 and 1976.

Pontiac Muscle Cars from United Kingdom

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